Divorce Rates Up 34% This Year Due To Quarantine

We saw this coming, but 34%????

September 3, 2020


Remember when we were quarantined for a while? And still kinda are? Well Legal Templates (a company that provides legal documents) reports that the amount of people seeking a divorce increased 34% from March-June 2020 compared to March-June 2019. 21% of couples admit that the lockdown was to blame for their divorce. 

It was perhaps most evident for newlyweds: 20% of couples looking for a divorce had been married for five MONTHS or less! 

“This indicates that recently married couples were less equipped to deal with the stressors of the COVID-19 virus than mature couples.” Legal Templates added. 

Data shows the highest interest occurred on April 13th, about two-three weeks into most lockdowns. The highest divorce rates are coming from the south: Arkansas and Alabama.