Dear Matt: I Lost My Husband's Class Ring In The Florida Keys

Another local problem tackled with perspective!

September 14, 2020
Dear Matt

Dear Matt,

Long story short I lost my husband’s class ring in the Florida Keys. I don’t know how I lost it, but apparently, while I was packing I took a small jewelry box that had the ring inside (according to my husband). When I returned with the box, the ring was gone. My husband believes I left it down in the Keys, but I never saw the ring in the jewelry box anyway. 

I’m upset that he’s lost his ring, but at the same time, should have probably placed his class ring somewhere safer? And who knows, maybe the ring wasn’t in the jewelry box? I apologized…but it was probably clear to my husband that I wasn’t too…sympathetic? What do you think?

-Ringless Rachel


Dear Ringless Rachel,

I have to tell you that my Agatha Christie mystery senses are tingling. First, there doesn’t seem to be any confirmation the ring was in the jewelry box. Before the trip, had you seen the ring in the box? Is it possible your husband thought the ring was in the box but then moved it? Are there other boxes where the ring might be?

Second of all, you describe the box as being ‘small.’ I’m assuming it’s your jewelry box, maybe a to-go kind of container for traveling? So why on earth does your husband choose to leave his class ring in your small jewelry box? Were there no other options available? 

Granted, if the ring was in your jewelry box, and you were aware and had agreed to it, yes the responsibility missing ring is on you. 

However, this situation feels more of an issue than communication than it is about a ring. He should have communicated that he was going to store the ring in your jewelry box. If you were not aware of the ring being in the jewelry box, how would you know to protect it? 

I know class rings are sentimental, but hopefully, your husband does not hold this over your head for eternity. Objects can be great and powerful, but memories, people, and moments are more so.