Dear Matt: I Found My Dream House, But It's In Parma

How would you advise?

September 18, 2020
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Dear Matt,

My wife and I are looking for our dream house: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice yard and deck and a couple other quirky needs. Suddenly, we found it! But the problem is that it’s in Parma. I really don’t have anything against Parma, but I know the rest of Cleveland jokes about Parma. Should I get over my fear about being made fun of for living in Parma? I have to be honest, I don’t deal well with being the butt of a joke. 

Future Parmanian


Dear Future Parmanian,

I think we can all admit that we’ve cracked jokes about Parma (kind of like a big brother teasing a little brother). But jokes aside, Parma actually has a ton of perks! It’s continuously ranked high in safety (one of the safest cities in the entire county actually).

Parma remains the 3rd ranked place for young adults (22-34) to live in after Lakewood and downtown Cleveland, and if you and your wife are looking to raise kids, Businessweek ranked it as one of the best places to raise kids in Ohio. 

And you’ll never go without considering there’s The Shoppes, the Ukrainian Village, and the Polish Village! 

Okay, so now that I finished that speech, I think if you’ve found your dream house you should go for it! Unless you specifically want to be in a certain community, I think this should be a fit. 

As for not liking being the butt of a joke…I got some bad news for you! Get over it! We’re all going to be the butt of a joke, and that’s great! Life is about having fun and being embarrassing and making great memories.