Coffee Connoisseurs: Rate Coffee For Money!

Okay, I'm tossing my hat into this ring!

September 13, 2019


Categories: is looking for locals who would be interested in recieving a thousand dollar stipend to ditch big coffee and review locally owned coffee shops instead! 

You have a month to take photos of beverages, write short summaries of your experiences, track and compare costs, benefits and potential setbacks of the buy-local lifestyle. 

They want someone who LOVES coffee (aka my life story). You have to be "a self-professed Starbucks addict,” (their words, not mine), be "willing to share your experience on your own social media channels, maintain a strong social presence and commit to a buy-local lifestyle to satisfy your coffee needs". 

The best part: you can go to any local shops you want! There are no requirements! The selected candidate will recieve $250 upon being hired, and the remainder of the funds after completing the project! 

They will be accepting applications through the end of the month. Here's more info!