Cleveland's Own Machine Gun Kelly Is In 'Love' With Megan Fox!

Machine and Megan...I can see that on a wedding invite!

June 19, 2020
machine gun kelly

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been linked together recently, and this link looked like it was more than just two friends hanging out!

But now things are getting more serious! Apparently things are heating up quickly according to Machine Gun Kelly himself who tweeted song lyrics that read like a confession!

And let's add more evidence to this case: Machine Gun Kelly (aka MGK), posted an Instagram story which appears to be the two of them 'in love' as he wrote on the story. He didn't tag Megan, but it seems clear that she's there! Check out his Instagram stories here. 

An insider for Megan Fox says that's she happy, but that she's not serious enough to introduce Machine to her kids. It seems that Megan is only seeing Mr. MGK while her boys are with their father, Megan Fox's soon to be ex-husband Brian Austin Green.