The Cleveland Public Library Is Now Fine-Free

How awesome is this?

July 29, 2019

InfiniteImpactStudios / Getty Images


The library's fine-free change went into effect over the weekend. Prior to being completely fine-free, the Cleveland Public Library eliminated overdue fines for seniors, children's materials, uniquely abled patrons, young adults and homebound patrons.

“We want to remove barriers, not block people from accessing the library,” said the executive director and CEO of the Cleveland Public Library, Felton Thomas. “We want to connect people to knowledge and ideas, not stand in their way.”

“So, for Cleveland Public Library, this is a natural, next step and a way to demonstrate our commitment to leveling opportunity for our community,” said the Cleveland Public Library's Chief Marketing and Communication officer Tana Peckham.

The Cleveland Public Library says that over 3,000 patrons couldn't use their card due to fees over the $25 limit which averaged to $40 a person and were a collected $138,000. 

The Cleveland Public Library says that by “eliminat[ing] the costs associated with pursuing fines...[this will] ensure [that] staff time is spent serving patrons, not collecting fines.”

The Cleveland Public Library just celebrated its 150th anniversary!