City of Akron Launches 'Mow To Own' Vacant Lots Program

Time to mow over the competition for these deals!

May 21, 2020
grass lawn

The City of Akron is looking for some investors, mainly those who wouldn't mind some mowing! Residents have a chance to own vacant city-owned lots, especially ones adjacent to pre-owned property.

All they have to do is mow the lawn for six months. 

Akron Neighborhood: Mow To Own will save the city a ton of maintenance costs while converting land to the people. 250 properties have been selected and will first have the option to go to those who neighbor the lots.

Applicants will be responsible for maintenance through Nov. 30th.

Inspectors will come by to see if the upkeep is happening and successful. If so, the city was give the lot to the resident.

Applications must sign up by June 15th and will be notified by June 30th of their acceptance. 

You can see what lots are up for grabs here