49% Of People Would Take No Vacation Time For A Higher Salary

That's wild!

July 31, 2019

anyaberkut / Getty Images


I love my vacation time (especially taking off on Mondays like the Garfield I am), but would I give it up for some more money? 

49% of Americans said they'd glady take no vacation time for a higher salary. But the funny part is that they'd want a 48% increase in their salary to forgo vacation (but 20% said they'd do it with just a 24% raise in salary).

However, there are some that love that time (raise your hands!). 34% of Americans would actually give up a bit of money for unilimted vacation time, the average person said they'd give up 26% of their salary for unlimited vacations. 10% of people say they already have that precious unlimited vacation time.