Our Little Corner Of This New Normal World - A Note From Liz Campbell

In This Together

April 1, 2020
Child Walking. LDG

L. Campbell

Hey, it's Liz... We usually hang out while we're working at the office, staring at the strawberry pop-tarts in the vending machine while dodging a co-worker or laughing with our "work BFF" and trying to figure out how to make that meeting an email, again...(that meeting will forever be an email again).

WOW how times have changed at least for a bit.

I'm so glad we get to still spend our days together - as we work from home and keep each other safe. I thought since we are pretty regular companions, I might share some ways my family has chosen to #StayConnected and move through our "new normal" during this pandemic. Let's get to know each other a little better. 

First, maybe like you, I can't say every day is rainbows and sunshine. The gray skies of Northeast Ohio can stretch our moods for a lot of us every year. This year, more than ever, I kind of just want as much sunshine as I can get. I know it's Spring, but I won't lie, I really can't wait for summer to get here. On the bright side, this is the fastest I have ever adjusted to Daylight Saving Time. ;) 

Still, I am working every day to get used to our new, temporary schedules that keep our families safe while trusting the experts and focusing on those "Tell Us Something Good" community stories too. I can’t tell you how awesome it's been to still have my "morning routine" with Jen and Tim. I still can't Trump Toohey but you better believe I'm trying. 

Anyway, here is a quick couple days in our life this week:

First, you might remember my son and I moved back up to Ohio from Florida last year. We've been staying with my parents until we find our own little nesting place. We were about to buy when a lot changed. So, for now, we are counting our blessings that grandma and grandpa are not alone and that we all get to enjoy each other a little bit longer. Taking care of our senior citizens and those who are the most compromised by this virus is so very important. As hard as our "new normals" can get, we can't forget those who provided for us and they need to take comfort in our care for them now. 

I do the grocery shopping. But we do an essential list and we limit my trips out to every two weeks or maybe once a week if necessary. Today, we discovered the dishwasher is irrelevant and that we won't be able to make French Toast for dinner. 

Dish Soap Shelves During Pandemic
L. Campbell

(Nothing like the therapy of hand washing the dinner dishes to help boost that serotonin!)


Egg Purchase Limit Amidst Pandemic
L. Campbell

(The bread pudding will have to wait.)

The good news? Ice cream was restocked. Is that an essential? I mean, when is ice cream not? I suppose I would argue that we have to be able to delight in what we like right now, besides, I was already in the frozen foods section. Ice cream is important also for the eight year old. Who misses his classmates and the old everyday but understands what is happening as much as he can in a child’s own way. 

It's wild to watch our kids process all this isn't it? Here we are working from home and I think they are as annoyed with us as ever before. I mean, it's "Saturday" all the time, but isn’t. I'm a big believer that as much as they feed off us, we can feed off them as well. And that's important. 

This week, I’m letting my kid give me much needed perspective. Take for example the archived, now available episodes of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood:

LDG Child Watching Mr. Rogers
L. Campbell

("Were you alive when it was black and white?")

Watching my child tell me his favorite part is when the Trolley goes to the "Land of Make Believe"... my absolute favorite when I was his age.

Then, there's the rainbows. When I told my boy about how kids all across the world were sharing hope and messages to encourage friends and neighbors during this global pandemic, he didn't skip a beat. He drew his own rainbow catapillar to hang on the window at grandma's to remind everyone to stay positive - and, of course, wash up. 

LDG Rainbow Window Pic
L. Campbell

(There are like five of these)

And I had to take a moment when he was logged on to his Google Classroom. He already mastered the wardrobe of video conference that a lot of us take years to:

Child Home Schooling During Pandemic. LDG
L. Campbell

(Polo with PJs for the win!)

He delighted in a hail storm:

Child Looking Out Of Window At Hail. LDG
L. Campbell

("It's like snow balls just fell from the sky!")

And he analyzed playground park tape:

Child Walking Near Closed Playgound. LDG
L. Campbell

(This one hurt a bit)

And he told me the other day I wasn’t allowed to fall asleep in the same cotton T-Shirt I had worn all day. 

Kids are smart.

We know that this “new normal” is impacting families in a lot of ways. There are those in need and those who are giving and while we all get semi-used to this temporary time being, there are helpers along the way. 

I hope you are doing okay. If you aren’t, there are resources here. And if you want to inspire or encourage others, that’s available too. And until we are at the end of this new beginning, we are all #InThisTogether in the day to day as we work from home and home school and just all around #FlattenThisCurve as we have to.  We are your Work From Home Soundtrack letting music move the mood and we will continue to share and showcase where we can support and find work in our local neighborhoods.

And we are right here. Moving through this all with you. 

Thank you for letting me be a part of your work at home day. 

Much love to you,