Not This Year. When You Can't Get Them That One Gift.

December 20, 2019
Woman Shopping With Empty Wallet

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Yep. Been there. It's that one present they asked for all year (maybe even the year before this). And there is just no way you can do it. You tried to budget, hoped for a bigger bonus, thought maybe they would change their mind or forget. (They never forget).

Don't stress mom. We've all been there. And our parents were there before, their parents, and so on throughout history. As long as there have been wishes from kids, there have been grown ups wishing too - that this could be the year we could make all their dreams come true.

My son has been asking for a Nintendo Switch since the Spring of 2017. That's when he finished his Lego Marvel Superheroes game on the Wii-U and we realized he couldn't play the sequel unless we had the new console. I figured maybe I'd get it for him last Christmas, and it just couldn't happen. He understood. Then this year came around and there it was... the first thing on his list. My heart sank. We just made a two thousand mile move and are going to be purchasing a house in 2020. Big ticket items just are not in the budget again this year. And he gets that. He knows that we are saving up and that he'll still get awesome Legos and action figures and probably a sled to go with his new coat and boots. 

I'm a lucky parent to have a kid who says he's decided to just save up all his own money to buy the console himself. I've decided to give him a little cash towards his goal. I know it won't be the same as if I could put it under the tree, but I also know that I was a kid once wanting a Barbie Dream House and my single mom of four could never have pulled that off. I also know that my memories of Christmas are full of joy.

Maybe you're stressing or sad or just mad at the world that you can't give your child that one present you know they are longing for. Don't be. We've all been there mama. We'll all be there again. And guess what, our kids will be there someday too.

That little one might have that on their list, but I promise you, there's something they want even more...

You know how the rest of this goes... don't you... ;)