We're Eating Pot Pies All Wrong

September 23, 2019



I was today years old when I realized I'd been eating pot pie all wrong. Chicken, beef, turkey... all of them. All wrong.

Apparently, we're supposed to be flipping the pie over so we get the best of all the best of the pie. Did you know this?

According to Eater Newsletter, pot pies (especially personal pot pies) that don't get flipped are missing out on their full potential. This is because we end up scooping out just the middle of the pie and we leave all that decadent crust to waste away on the sides of the dish - or worse, we end up mashing the crust all up into the mixture and so we lose the flaky texture that makes pot pies so incredible to begin with.

Flipping our pot pies ensures we aren't eating crust that's too wet and that we aren't eating filling that's too dry. Instead, we get just the amazing, awesome, delectable ratio that is the perfect pot pie.

I will definately have to try this, especially now that fall is here and the idea of a pot pie is just... well, what fall is!


P.S. I asked my mother to share her favorite pot pie recipe with you. She happily obliged:

"I don't make home made crust anymore and I don't have a recipe. Mostly I just dump in left overs (turkey or chicken) with cooked veggies and add a butter and broth based flour gravy.  If I've got stuffing or extra gravy, I dump that in there too. And add seasoning. The oven does the rest, about an hour at 350."

Now that's a pot pie I think I could even do! Thanks mom. ;)