Your Help Right Now Can Feed Families In Cleveland

40,000 Meals in 40 Hours. With Your Help.

April 29, 2020
Child Eating From Bowl



This pandemic and the new normal it brings has stretched so many of us in ways we never thought we could bend. It’s been a difficult, but necessary experience these last several weeks. And as encouraged as we are that Ohio and Cleveland has helped flatten this curve, we know it’s not close to being over. That can be hard.

As much as my family, and maybe yours, has stretched and bent, so many others are reaching places close to broken. And while need has always been a part of our collective society - with one in six people facing food insecurity,  this time, it’s very very different.

That’s why this is so important right now. We must #StayConnected and do what we can. Together we can feed children, their mothers, fathers, grandparents. We can feed thousands. With your help, we can provide 40,000 meals in 40 hours. I know we could do beyond that.

One dollar. Or ten. Or even the pennies. Every dollar counts because each dollar is four meals to feed a someone, a child, her mother, father, grandparents...families hungry right this moment.

Thank you for joining us in this. We can do this Cleveland. 

Please donate NOW.

- Liz