Summer of Stars: Teacher Edition!

A Personal Thanks From Liz

June 4, 2020
Image of a teacher and students in an online classroom


Star 102 is celebrating our Summer of Stars and giving you a chance to salute all those who are helping us stay Cleveland Strong and safe during these absolutely unprecedented times. I want to offer my own personal Star Salute to the teachers and students who spent their last quarter of this academic school year in online classrooms. 

Today, was my son's last day of school. The children decided to do a picnic meeting and just share their stories and joys. A little rain meant an indoor picnic but didn't stop these kids from laughing and learning a little more about one another - and their plans for the summer. My little lad made sure he had all sorts of picnic snacks handy and a few other children introduced their fur babies. It was fascinating and wonderful. 

Child doing online learning with indoor picnic
Liz Campbell

And yes, when it was all over, I cried just a little. 

I know that over these past several months, it's been difficult for families to juggle working remotely and creating make shift classrooms at home. I know that teachers have struggled too. We have all been challenged and stretched and there were probably days, you might have felt like you just couldn't do it. Our children likely had those ups and downs too, although, they express their emotions so differently. 

Today, my son teared up when he logged off the chromebook. He said he was sad. I told him to go ahead and feel every emotion he had. He said he wished he had been able to spend his last day in his school, where his teacher would have probably had all sorts of games and activities planned for them. Most all the children today said they missed their classroom.

Kids are resilient. This too will pass. And even if you haven't made a decision yet on how you will navigate what's to come for schooling in the fall, we can all still give a huge show of gratitude to these teachers and administrators who went above and beyond any sort of training or expectation they may have had.

I'm so thankful for my son's teacher, his principal, the entire district. I can't imagine what it was like for each of these decision makers to navigate this final quarter. 

To all the teachers dedicated to keeping our children safe and staying connected to them and being authentic as we all got used to this different way of learning, I celebrate and salute you. You may never ever truly know the impact you made and the difference these months meant, but I promise you, my child like many others, will never forget.

May your summer be safe,

Much love,