Stay At Home Browns Bingo

September 14, 2020
Image of a football

Anna Valieva


Tonight's the night! The NFL is back - albeit looking very very different in 2020.

With a lot of us staying at home and unable to get out and about in the usual crowds, Twitter user Jim Marek from Lakewood has given us the ultimate social media Browns Bingo card so we can experience all the normal we aren't getting in these abnormal times. 

Even if we can't be at the games and might miss the good old fashioned commentary we'd usually get from the dude sitting next to us at the bar, we can still follow along on Twitter and see just how many of these comments mirror what we'd be hearing if we were. 

Thanks for letting me share this Jim. Spot on. 

Browns Twitter Bingo Card
Jim Marek

The Browns play the Ravens Sunday at Baltimore