Never Too Old To Be A Kid! What's A Toy You'd Still Get?

February 5, 2020
Oscar and Visitor

Children's Television Workshop / Stringer


My son asked me what mommy wanted for her birthday and after I told him all I needed was hugs he said that wasn't enough. He wanted to know if there was a present I always wanted when I was little that I never got. I told him there was: Mr. Snuffleupagus.

I showed him the videos from when I grew up and I shared with him the story of the big reveal, when all the grown ups finally got to see who Big Bird was talking about all those years. I told him how important that episode was for so many little kids. I said of course I loved Oscar and Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang, but Snuffy was still my absolute favorite and that wouldn't change.

I woke up to this as his present to me:

Kids are so awesome.

What's a present or toy you always wanted as a child that you would get today if you could?

And, if your family is a fan of these loveable muppets, don't forget, Sesame Street Live is coming to Cleveland this Spring!