Flight Altercation Sparks Age Old Debate Of Plane Etiquette

February 14, 2020
Woman and Man On Airplane



Anyone who has ever flown economy knows that space is tight. I mean, really really tight. And it's just getting tighter. That's why, traditional etiquette recommends that if you don't have to recline your seat, you probably shouldn't. It's kind of the unspoken courtesy we extend to fellow passengers due to such limited leg room. But, that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to. Afterall, you paid for the seat and the seat reclines and maybe that extra little lean back matters to you.

People have debated whether or not you should recline in your seat on a plane for years, but a new debate just popped up when one woman reclined her seat and the passenger behind her decided he had his own way of deciding that she shouldn't.

Passenger Wendi Williams decided to share with the world what happened:

Her video set off a viral debate from people across the globe, with many saying Wendi should never have reclined her seat but that he shouldn't have reacted the way he did too.

Personally, I think it stinks that the passenger in the last row didn't have a lot of room - but I'm fairly certain punching the back of the person's seat in front of you isn't the way to go. I'm also pretty surprised that so many have said they were both equally wrong, because while reclining a seat might not always be polite... the other passenger was far from right.

I suppose this is why I kind of prefer just to drive. ;)

What do you think?