Flashback This Halloween! Most Popular Costumes Since 1983!

October 21, 2020
Woman and child in Waldo costumes

Carl Court / Staff


While 2020 may mean we won't be heading out to crowded costume parties, we can still dress up and have a lot of fun. AND... this year, we could even flashback to some of our favorite costumes since we were in school. 

The Active Times put together a list of the most iconic, popular costumes since 1983 and they include a lot of memories! From Freddy Krueger to the Care Bears, from Barney to Terminator, this list is bound to throw you back in time. 

While it didn't make the list, it did remind me that one year, a group of us decided we would be the Robert Palmer Girls. It was a super easy DIY costume and a lot of fun to wear all that make up! I'd show you a photo, but so far, no one has tossed that up and tagged me on Facebook. ;) 

Take a look at the list and get some inspiration for your "retro" costume this year!