I'm Listening: A Personal Note From Liz Campbell

September 6, 2019
Woman Sitting On A Bed



Another week went by and you faced all your tasks and to-do's with a smile. Barely any down time to think about how all the pressures got to you. Barely any time at all. You would have stayed under the covers all week if you could have. You wish you just could have...because it's back again. That cruddy muddy feeling that exhausts you more than anything.

You know it’s not just the blues. You know it’s more than a funk. This time, like the last time... you can’t shake it, no matter what.

You try what you can, from a little wine to chocolate cake...or maybe a new pair of shoes will work to self medicate. But, you know it’s not enough. It’s never enough. It won’t work, because it doesn’t work. And you know that.

And maybe you feel alone. Maybe you think you can’t tell a soul. Maybe you are afraid of what they’d think of you so you don't talk about it and just keep on keeping on trying to exist hoping no one knows the hoops your mind is jumping you through and those thoughts you have. Those terrible, scary scenerios and the conclusions you're coming up with because no one knows just how alone it all feels right now.

But you are not alone. And there is help. And you don’t have to try to keep pushing through it all by yourself.

I’ve been there. I have friends who have been there. People who felt like you feel now. So many strangers and neighbors and others who struggle when our brains lie to us and we can’t trust ourselves. This weekend, you can hear those stories and right now you can share your own.

We're going to work together to end the stigmas surrounding mental illness, depression and anxiety. Step by step, day by day.

Until then, I want you to know that you can and that this too will pass and no matter how bad it feels right now, it won't always.

So Stay. Another day.

Please Stay.

~ Liz

The CDC estimates that approximately one in ten women in the United States experience symptoms of depression, with one in nine women experiencing postpartum depression. Those estimates can vary by state.

If you or someone you know is struggling, there is help. Resources available at I'm Listening. Or call The National Suicide Prevention Life Line  24/7, 365. Chat available: 1-800-273-8255