DIY Halloween Decorations On The Cheap

October 11, 2020
DIY Halloween Decorations

Liz Campbell


It's that time of year to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween! But this year is definately different than years before. If you aren't comfortable browsing the stores for decorations this year and you want to save a little money by not ordering them online, I thought I'd share some ideas my son and I have to make DIY Halloween this year.

These aren't super fancy and I am by no means a crafty person, but what makes these special is the time my son and I spend in making them. So, take a look at the pic and let it give you some inspiration. All you really need you probably have around your house already. Like food jars, candles, wine bottles (I'm sure 2020 brought some of those into your house) and some craft paint to start. Another thing we make is construction paper bats to put on our windows and walls. We've also torn up old sheets to craft spider webs and ghosts. And we blow up colorful orange, white and black balloons because Halloween should be super fun and what kid doesn't like balloons? 

These are my ideas, but if you want more expert ideas... you can check out what others do for DIY Halloween on the cheap

There are also some great ideas for a Green Environmentally Clean Halloween!