CEO Mom Pens A Help Wanted Ad You Have To See To Believe

January 24, 2020
woman typing



We know that moms have it tough. We are just so busy. So many things we are multi-tasking. Sometimes, it feels like we just need some help. Maybe someone to make dinner, watch the kids, do some math about fish... Wait, what?

Yep. One super busy CEO Mom was that specific in the long list of requirements she needed. And that's just the start. Writer Kimberly Harrington stumbled upon a listing for a "Household Manager/Cook/Nanny" that includes everything from planning vacations for the family to "quantify how much fish to purchase for five people". The ad goes on requesting a strong swimmer and someone who can ski. Oh, speaking French and Spanish is a necessity. So is mountain climbing.

Not only that, CEO Mom wants someone willing to work out with her, play with the kids and has room in their heart "to love the kids and the mom" with a "high capacity to be loved deeply by them".

Maybe mom doesn't need a household manager as much as ... maybe a hug and friend?

You can read the listing and the replies on Harrington's Twitter feed. It's... something.