Bad Mom Or Not? How Scary Is Too Scary A Movie For My Kid?

October 16, 2019



My son has been begging me to watch a scary movie for over a year. And he doesn't want Goosebumps or Goonies and it can't be like Stranger Things or Umbrella Academy. Nope, he wants a full on scary scary movie. Like IT or Friday the 13th. He wants one of those horror flicks you and I grew up with.

He's 8.

I asked Jen and Tim if - maybe - Halloween could possibly be something that would be okay to let him see....

Jen screamed. She said it was way too scary, he'll have nightmares about Michael Myers for weeks. Tim kind of agreed.

And a part of me knows they are right and a part of me thinks....

I know. I'm a bad mom aren't I?

Maybe not? did a poll and it turns out a lot of people, parents included, think exposing kids to horror movies all depends on the child and the parent and whether or not they could handle that they can never unsee it.

For some kids, they grew up not minding that at all:

Others disagreed:

What do you think? Is an 8 year old ready for something as horrifying as Halloween?

And if not, what's a really good scary movie that isn't too PG-13 and still isn't so R that my son will be sleeping in my room until he's 15?

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