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*LIST* 7 One-Liners To Use When Disciplining Your Kids

June 21, 2018

My daughter Madelyn is 10 now.  Every time my wife or I ask her to do something, it is met with "Why", or "That's Not Fair".  Don't get me wrong, she is a good kid, but she is becoming emotional over everything.  I've been reading many parent blogs and came across some interesting stuff.  

Going back and forth with a child only delays the inevitable, and you and your kid  both get exhausted raising your voices and going back and forth.  As it turns out, they can only process so many words according to Dr. Joan Ershler, director of the Waisman Early Childhood Program at the University of Wisconsin. She says short and simple works best.

These phrases are as short and effective as they get. Use them whenever you feel yourself losing control of the situation

“I know, it’s hard” - Maybe pat them on their shoulder to validate them…and calm… your kid’s big emotions.

Walk, please!” - Direct your child instead of telling them what not to do, which leads to an argument.

“Try again”-Kids are more cooperative if they feel they have some control.

“I love you too much to argue” - This is my favorite.  I can't imagine a child yelling at you for this

“I can’t understand you when you use that voice” - Perfect to shut down whining. When they start talking normally praise them and explain why it was a good choice.

“How do we ask?” - Always go back to manners

“What did I say?” - Making them repeat what you said means they can't tell you they didn't hear you

Good luck.  Parenting is hard, and we can all use a little help in the process.