Keep Your Dog Safe This 4th Of July

More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year

July 2, 2019

More pets get lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. Factors like drunk owners, loud fireworks and sensory overload make this day very dangerous for your fur baby. Here are eight tips to make sure your best bud stays safe.

  • Be sure they’re wearing an up-to-date and visible ID tag on their collar.
  • Take a current photo of them just in case
  • Play with them early in the day so they’re tired by the time all the parties start
  • During cookouts, make sure you’re keeping your fluff ball away from flames
  • Keep charcoal, sparklers, fireworks and glow sticks far away from your curious pal
  • Keep dog treats handy so your guests have treats to give them, rather than all their cookout scraps
  • Leaving your buddy at home? Make sure they’re stocked with a frozen stuffed treat to keep them busy during the fireworks
  • Are they afraid of loud noises? Keep some gentle music playing to keep them distracted