Woman Tried Hiding In the Ceiling at Grayton Road Tavern

What was she trying to do?

May 30, 2018

Jennifer Natale, the general manager at Grayton Road Tavern, got a phone call on Monday night regarding the ceilings.

"It was honestly just one of those phone calls you don't really ever think you're going to get," Natale explained. "I asked her to put me on FaceTime, she did that and it was true. There was a person who crawled up into the ceiling."

"It was a really hot day. I can't even imagine how hot it was for that two-hour period," Natale said.

Natale's employees saw the woman who had used the women's bathroom as the headquarters for her ceiling climb. The police were called the ceiling escape artist was discovered in the kitche narea.

Grayton Road Tavern is notorious for the Queen of Hearts game, (one winner won $5.5 million in March). This could have been a motive, but Natale explains that the money is not kept in the restauraunt.

Police told Natale and the Grayton Road Tavern staff that the ceiling cirque du soleil mastermind was no stranger to criminal stunts.  

Let's hope there aren't anymore craziness in the ceilings this summer, okay Cleveland?