Whole Foods, Sabra Hummus and More Tested Positive for Weedkiller Chemical

How? Hummus has like 5 ingredients!?

July 16, 2020

New research discovered tiny amounts of weedkiller in popular hummus brands. The chemical glyphosate is in more than 80% of the non-organic hummus and chickpeas samples they studied. 

Legally, this is fine since the Enviornmental Protection Agency re-approved the chemical glyphosate since they claimed it 'doesn't pose a danger,' even with the thousands of lawsuits who connect their cancer to glyphosate, specifically to Roundup. 

Hummus from brands like Whole Food and Sabra exceeded the amount of glyphosate that is considered 'unhealthy'. 

"Whole Foods Market requires that suppliers meet all applicable limits for glyphosate through effective raw material control programs that include appropriate testing,” Whole Foods said in response. 

What to do? Well EWG Toxicologist Alexis Temkin says that you might just have to buy organic hummus and chickpeas to make sure you're not coming in contact with glyphosate 

“EWG testing of both conventional and organic bean products for glyphosate helps increase the transparency in the marketplace and protect the integrity of the Department of Agriculture’s organic certification,” Temkin said.