Trump Toohey: Who Plays Princess Aurora In The Disney Movie "Maleficent"?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 3/7/2019

March 7, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     In sad news last night, Alex Trebek announced he had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Alex has been the host of this game show since 1984.  





2.     Chick Fil A is adding Fish Sandwiches to the menu for lent.  What do you hear from Chik Fil A employees, that you really don’t hear any other place?  My Pleasure?  Praise Be?  Or Under His Eye?  






My Pleasure  
3.     Last night, LeBron James moved past Michael Jordan into fourth place on the NBA’s career scoring list.  LeBron has played with the Cavs, Lakers and this team in his NBA career.  






Miami Heat
4.     Maleficent 2 gets a release date and a poster! It’s coming on October 18th of this year. Angelina Jolie plays Maleficent, but which actor plays Aurora?







Elle Fanning
5.     Bryan Cranston is a birthday boy today.  He might be best known for his role as Walter White on Breaking Bad, but also has a “Best Actor” Oscar Nomination for this 2015 film.