Trump Toohey: Who Plays Claire Dunphy on Modern Family?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 9/14/18

September 14, 2018
Trump Toohey

According to a new survey ,Taco Bell is the number one Mexican restaurant in America. Can you name any other popular chain of Mexican food?




(Chipotle, etc.)


John Mellencamp announced he’s touring next year! He’s coming to Youngstown in February with a new album as well .John Mellencamp is known best for ‘this little ditty’ called what?




(Jack and Diane)


Marc Jacobs’s show at New York Fashion Week started an hour and a half late and some believed it was an attack on Rihanna. Surprisingly, this editor-in- Chief of Vogue STAYED to watch the show. Who is the editor-in-Chief of Vogue?




(Anna Wintour)


Ben Affleck seems to have turned down the role of Batman, and Jon Hamm was already said he’d love to be Batman. Jon Hamm starred on which AMC drama?




(Mad Men)


According to the creator of Modern Family, there will be the death of a significant character in the upcoming tenth season of the comedy! On the show, which former Boston Legal and Lost actress plays ‘Claire Dunphy’?




(Julie Bowen)