Trump Toohey: Who Is Pinocchio’s ‘Conscience'? What Position Does Baker Mayfield Play?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 11/30/18

November 30, 2018
Trump Toohey

1.     Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is being recognized for his stellar play as he was awarded the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month award for November.  Baker plays which position on the Cleveland Browns?  




2.     Is Jennifer Lopez headed for an engagement? Well, if she is, J.Lo wasn’t about to spill the beans to Ellen. J.Lo appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” yesterday where Ellen grilled the star on the subject, but she didn’t let anything slip.  Who is J. Lo dating?  




Alex Rodriguez

3.     O-M-G! The GREATEST ACTOR OF ALL TIME, Tom Hanks, is being ‘eyed’ to play Geppetto in Disney’s live action Pinocchio movie! What is the name of Pinocchio’s ‘conscience’ and the narrator of the original 1940 animation?




Jimmy Cricket

4.     Hugh Jackman is going on tour!  He’ll be singing tunes from The Greatest Showman and Les Miserables. In the movie Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman plays which character?




Jean Valjean

5.     We have a birthday boy today.  Clay Aiken!  Aw he lost to good ole Ruben Studdard back in the second season of American Idol.  Can you name anyone else that made it into the top 5 of that particular season not named Ruben or Clay?





Kimberley Locke  
Joshua Gracin