Trump Toohey: Who Is Owen Wilson’s Famous Brother?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 4/10/19

April 10, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     Sara Gilbert is saying goodbye to “The Talk.” The creator and longtime co-host of the CBS talk show announced her departure on yesterday’s episode. The current season will be her last.  Sara Gilbert played which character on the show “Roseanne”?  



Darlene Conner
2.     Happy National Siblings Day! Let’s play a round of Name That Famous Sibling.  All I need is the first name of Owen Wilson’s famous actor brother.  




3.     The Cleveland Cavaliers played their last game of the season last night.  Before last night’s game, this Cleveland Cavalier not only played his final game, but called Cavs fans “…the best fans in the world”  




Channing Frye  

4.     Netflix is in talks to buy the infamous Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood! Which one of these three is a famous Hollywood theatre: Famous People Theatre, El Capitan Theatre or Golden Coast Theatre?




El Capitan Theatre - Disney’s official theater in Hollywood

5.     A prequel of Grease entitled ‘Summer Loving’ is in the works. Which one of these film franchises did NOT include a prequel to the original movie? Planet of the Apes, Star Wars or The Hunger Games?





The Hunger Games​