Trump Toohey: Who Is Older: Ariana Grade or her ex-fiance Pete Davidson?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 10/15/18

October 15, 2018
Trump Toohey

1. The Browns lost to the LA Chargers, 38-14. One positive about the game was that the number 10,363 was enshrined into the team's ring of honor as attribute to this former offense lineman's consecutive snap streak. Hint: He wore the number 73.




Joe Thomas

2. Michael Buble apparently told the Daily Mail that he's retiring from the music buisness. However since that statement, there has been dispute from Buble's management about that interview. What kind of album has Michael Buble NOT released? A jazz album? A Christmas album? Or a disco album?




A disco album

3. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's engagment has officially been called off. Who's older? Pete? or Ariana?




Ariana - 25, Pete - 24

4. A trailer for Disney's live action Aladdin is out. Which one of these actors is slated to play The Genie? Denezl Washingston, Will Smith or The Rock? 




Will Smith

NOTE: Question 5 was voted 'too wordy' and thus was struck out officially this morning! 

5.  Congratulations to Prince Harry and Megan Markle, they are expecting a child next spring. This child will be the 7th in line for the throne. With Princes Charles being the first in line following Queen Elizabeth, who is the third in line for the throne? Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte?




Prince George