Trump Toohey: What's Kevin Love's Jersey Number? Who Collaborated With Lady Gaga on "Cheek To Cheek"?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 2/11/2019

February 11, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     Chipotle is launching drive thrus in select locations - they’ve been testing them - they’re called “Chipotlanes.” Chipotlanes are unlike your typical drive-thru.  You can’t actually order food through them.  Chipotlanes are more like a “mobile order pick-up lane.”  Chipotle is best known for selling this…?  Mexican Style Food?  Italian Style Food?  Doughnuts?  





2.     Kevin Love is back and in the starting line-up for the Cavs.  What’s his jersey number?  0?  8?  Or 11?  





3.     One of the big winners at the Grammys was Lady Gaga.  She was 3 more Grammys bringing her total to 9.  Her win for “Shallow” with Bradley Cooper isn’t her first collaborative Grammy win.  She also won a Grammy for “Cheek to Cheek” with this long time singer.  






Tony Bennett

4.     Remember when Amazon was going to put a second headquarters in New York City? According to the Wall Street Journal they may be reconsidering that decision. Amazon is one of the BIG FOUR, a name used to describe four multinational technology companies. Can you name one of the other three?







Google, Apple, Facebook 

5.     Liam Neeson’s new movie Cold Pursuit has a ‘cold debut’ on the box office, opening with 10.8 million. In first place, with 34 million is The Lego Movie 2. WHAT YEAR did the original Lego Movie come out? 2012? 2014? 2016?