Trump Toohey: What's The First Book From "The Babysitter's Club"?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 3/1/19

March 1, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     JCPenney is closing their store at Midway Mall.  Where is Midway Mall?  Westlake?  Mentor?  Or Elyria?  





2.     Luke Perry is in the hospital after reportedly suffering a stroke at his home in LA.  We will continue to update his status throughout the show.  He played which character role on 90210?  




Dylan McKay       
3.     Jonas Brothers have NEW music.  It’s called “Sucker”.  What was the name of the Disney Channel Original movie, back in 2008, which starred the Jonas Brothers along with Demi Lovato?  




Camp Rock
4.     As if Netflix needs any new shows, they will be bringing The Babysitter’s Club to life! The show will tackle subjects like racism, divorce, and belonging and will have 10 half-hour family friendly episodes. What is the FIRST book in the original series? The Truth About Stacey? Kristy’s Great Idea? or Mary Ann Saves The Day?




Kristy's Great Idea

5.     A new Dr. Seuss book is being released in September. This unreleased book is called “Dr. Seuss’ Horse Museum”.  The last book that was published in Dr. Seuss’ lifetime is usually given to college graduates and features a young protagonist exploring places.  Name that Seuss book:





Oh, the Places You'll Go!​