Trump Toohey: What's The Color of Colonel Sanders' Suit?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 11/1/2018

November 1, 2018
Trump Toohey

1.      We’re asking you this morning, on air and on all social media platforms, when are you ready to hear Christmas music?!  Soooo, let us know!  Which day in December, is Christmas day?  




The 25th

2.      It happened!  One set of parents named their daughter, that was born on Colonel Sanders birth date, “Harland” and have won $11,000 towards college tuition for that little baby.  The late Colonel Sanders was well known for wearing this color suit.  




3.      Ariana Grande is coming to Cleveland - her Sweetener World Tour comes to Quicken Loans Arena on March 28th.  Can you give me the title, of any single released from her new album “Sweetener”.  BY the way, there have been three. 




No Tears Left To Cry 
God is a Woman  

4.      McDonalds is coming out with a new $6 Classic Meal Deal. You get an entree, a small fries, any size drink and a hot apple pie. What is the name of the McDonald’s winter seasonal pie which features vanilla custard with rainbow sprinkles?



Holiday Pie

5.      Cate Blanchett will be the lead actress in FX’s upcoming release ‘Mrs. America’ about the Equal Rights Movement. Cate Blanchett has won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2005’s “The Aviator” but won Best Actress in 2014 for WHAT movie?




Blue Jasmine