Trump Toohey: What Year Did The Lion King Hit Broadway?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 7/22/2019

July 22, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     Two new Halloween Films are set to come out - Halloween Kills will be released next year on October 16th and Halloween Ends on October 15 in 2021.  Who is the serial killer in the “Halloween” movie franchise?  Jason Voorhees?  Freddy Krueger?  Michael Myers?  





Michael Myers

2.     “Avengers: Endgame” has done it - officially moved past “Avatar” on the list of all-time highest grossing films.  So with Avatar now being pushed back to 2nd place all time, which movie from 1997, that I’ve never seen, moves to 3rd place?  






3.     The Lion King opened up with $185 million dollars this weekend. What YEAR did the Lion King musical open up to Broadway? 1997, 1999 or 2001?







4.     Five days till the final season of Orange Is The New Black…What is the name of the actress who plays Piper Chapman?





Taylor Schilling​

5.     If you’ve always dreamt of visiting the Peach Pit - the diner from the show Beverly Hills 90210, it’s time to plan a trip to LA. The “pop-up” Peach Pit will pop up in Los Angeles, on Melrose Avenue, Aug. 1-3.  What was the name of the high school that the crew attended on “90210”?  






West Beverly High School or West Beverly High