Trump Toohey: What Won Best Picture in 1998?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 7/26/18

July 26, 2018
Trump Toohey

The Kennedy Center Honors will be awarding the musical Hamilton, Cher and Reba McEntire! This is the first time the Kennedy Center Honors has given an award to a group instead of an individual. Now Reba McEntire is known for singing this genre of music






The Browns training camp starts today, and we got all the details of the schedule and giveaways up at Perfect free thing to do today! Now we’re looking to score some wins this season…especially after last season when we went _____. (how many wins and losses did we have)






GET THIS, Ryan Reynolds is apparently attached to a Home Alone re-imagining! He might be producing and starring in the movie. Now this 1990 American Comedy Film had a pretty decent sequel in 1992. What was the name of that sequel? Was it ‘Lost in Miami’, ‘Lost in New York’ or ‘Lost in LA’?




(Lost in New York)


REBOOT ALERT WEE OH! Frasier is in reports to come back for a reboot. If you forgot about what happened on the show, it’s a spinoff of Cheers and follows psychiatrist Fraiser Crane’s return to Seattle and his rise of a radio host. What beloved actor plays Fraiser Crane?




(Kelsey Grammer)


TIM, this week marks the 20th ANNIVERSARY of Saving Private Ryan! Directed by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks plays the lead role along Matt Damon. Now this film was nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards, but LOST! Ugh, can’t believe it… Which 1998 movie won the best picture Oscar? I’ll give you a couple hints: it’s a romance film and it stars Joseph FINES and Gwyneth Paltrow




(Shakespeare in Love)