Trump Toohey: What Was Former Browns Player Josh Cribbs' Jersey Number?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 6/14/19

June 14, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     Burger King will be serving upside-down Whoppers in classic BK 80s packaging in honor of the return of Stranger Things Season 3. Can we get them in Cleveland?  Uh, No.  According to the website, which one of these is NOT on a Whopper?  Keychup?  Mustard?  Mayo?  





2.     Former Browns player Josh Cribbs and his wife, Maria, who is a writer, producer and activist, Maria, are teaming up to host a new morning talk show on Channel 19.  What was his jersey number while playing with the Browns?  #16?  #18?  #12?  





3.     We have an NBA Champion.  The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship over the Golden State Warriors.  And because of that win, this well-known rapper, and epic Toronto Raptors fan, dropped two new songs.  






4.     New Shows on Netflix Today includes Jessica Jones: Season 3. Jessica Jones, like the other Marvel shows on Netflix: got canceled. Which other Marvel show on Netflix had THREE seasons? Daredevil, The Punisher or Iron Fist? 






5.     Taylor Swift dropped her new song this morning and announced her new album ‘LOVER’ is coming out in August. Which pop star’s fanbase is called the ‘Lovers’? Is it Mariah Carey’s? Kylie Minogue’s? Or Janet Jackson’s? 






Kylie Minouge