Trump Toohey: What Talk Talk Song Did No Doubt Cover?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 2/26/19

February 26, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     Indians single-game tickets go on sale today at 10 am.  The District section of the ballpark is located where?  Left Field?  Center Field?  Or Right Field?  




Right Field

2.     Good news as the ratings for the Oscars were up this year.  Probably due to the fact that everyone was waiting to see Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform THIS song together.  






3.     If you love Lucky Charms and always wished you could find a beer that tastes like your favorite cereal, you’re in luck. Smartmouth Brewing Co., a brewery in Norfolk, Virginia known for its crazy flavor creations is releasing a beer called Saturday Morning IPA and apparently it tastes a lot like a bowl of Lucky Charms.  Lucky Charms is a brand of cereal produced by who?  General Mills?  Kellogg?  Or Post?  





General Mills

4.     Happy SPA DAY! Hopefully this show relaxes you. This relaxing hot tub company, and product, has the same name and was founded by seven Italian brothers in 1915.  Their hot tubs are known for their massaging jets.






5.     The frontman of Talk Talk, Mark Hollis, died at the age of 64. The English rock band has a few hits including WHICH1984 song that was later covered by No Doubt? 






It’s My Life