Trump Toohey: What Pokemon Is A Green Frog With A Bulb On Its Back?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 5/17/2019

May 17, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.      Taco Bell is taking over a hotel in California for 3 nights - and making it entirely Taco Bell themed.  YES!  Maybe you can wrap yourself in a burrito blanket?  Name anything from the Taco Bell Menu.  





2.      WHAT?!?!  Baker Mayfield shaved his beard.  Look at that baby face.  Bearded Baker?  Or Baby Baker?  You can vote now on our Facebook page.  This Aquaman actor just shaved off his epic beard, and people were not happy.  Who was it?  






Jason Momoa

3.      The trailer for Season 5 of Black Mirror dropped and it features Miley Cyrus! Miley has acted before, like in Hannah Montana: The Movie which featured one of Miley’s signature songs. Which Miley song was in the movie? The Climb, See You Again or 7 Things?







The Climb 

4.      For the final day of Cedar Point tickets, let’s play the final road of “Rank that Ride”.  As in oldest, to newest.  Raptor.  Millenium Force.  Top Thrill Dragster  







Raptor – 1994  
Millenium Force – 2000  
Top Thrill Dragster – 2003

5.      A Pokemon pop up bar is coming to Cleveland! Time to play a round of Pick That Pokemon! This grass-type starter pokemon has a bulb on its back, and is based on a frog.