Trump Toohey: What Does Heidi Klum Say To The Kicked Off Contestant on Project Runway?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 9/10/18

September 10, 2018
Trump Toohey

1. Serena Williams placed runner-up in the US Open final, although her success was marred by fines from the referee. Williams and many believe that the referee’s decision to ‘dock Serena a game’ and give her financial fines was unjust. Serena Williams’ sister is this tennis player!




(Venus Williams)


2. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are leaving Project Runaway after 16 seasons to start a new fashion series for Amazon! I guess to quote Tim Gunn they couldn’t make it work! The new show on Amazon will include an option to buy the clothes they make on the show. On Project Runaway, what is the two word phrase which Heidi Klum tells the kicked off contestant? It’s either ‘You’re Cut’, ‘You’re Trimmed’ or ‘You’re Out’

(You’re out)


3. The primetime Emmy awards are happening next Monday, the 17th. Yesterday was the Creative Arts Emmys which featured big winners in Saturday Night Live, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown and Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert. For 17 years HBO was the most nominated network, but comes in second place this year. Which network or streaming service has the most nominations at the 2018 Emmys?




(Netflix – 112 (HBO – 108, NBC, 78)


4. Supernatural horror movie ‘The Nun’ topped the box office with 53 million to score the second biggest September debut of all time! The biggest September opening belongs to another horror film. It came out last year and features a clown and a sewer drain





(IT – opened with 123 million)


5. With All That BROWNS news, we kind of forgot that Miss America happened yesterday! Miss New York won the crown. Earlier this year, the pageant made a controversial decision to get rid of WHICH part of the competition?





(Swimsuit competition)