Trump Toohey: What Character Does Tori Spelling Play On Beverly Hills, 90210

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 2/28/19

February 28, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.      OMG!!! Beverly Hills, 90210 is coming back for a revival with original cast members this summer! And that means…TORI SPELLING IS COMING BACK TO TELEVISION. What character does Tori Spelling play on Beverly Hills, 90210?




Donna Martin ​

2.      The Notebook is about to be added to Netflix in the US.  In 2004, when the movie was released, it was the 32nd highest grossing movie domestically of that year.  What was highest grossing movie domestically of that year?  The Polar Express?  Shrek 2?  Or Spiderman 2? 





Shrek 2 - $441 million  

3.      Devoted fans of “Game of Thrones” will be sad to see their show come to an end after its upcoming final season, but at least they’ll have a new snack to enjoy while watching because “Game of Thrones” Oreos are coming.  More details coming soon.  Game of Thrones is on THIS network.






4.      Rob Thomas tickets are up for grabs, so let’s go with a Rob Thomas question.  Who has more Grammy wins?  Rob Thomas?  Or Matchbox 20?  





Rob Thomas – 3  
Matchbox 20 – 0

5.      Only one major movie is dropping this weekend and it’s “A Madea Family Funeral”, the tenth and final Madea film by Tyler Perry. Which one of these three is NOT a Madea film? A Madea Christmas, Madea’s Thanksgiving or A Madea Halloween?





Madea’s Thanksgiving