Trump Toohey: What Does AMC Stand For In AMC Theaters?

June 30, 2020
Trump Toohey

1.    Anyone who purchased a ticket for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game this year that was cancelled will be able to use them next year. You can also return your tickets for a full refund.  The Pro Football Hall of Fame is located in this NE Ohio city.

















2.    Cedar Point's website, where guests can make reservations to visit this summer, is now open. The online portal can be found at Cedar-Point-Dot-Com.  Which one of these Cedar Point coasters is OLDER than 20 years old?  Raptor? Millennium Force?  Top Thrill Dragster?
















Raptor - 1994

3.    Kim Kardashian is set to become the first official billionaire of her family. She got there by selling a 20% stake in her KKW Cosmetics. Which one of her sister’s held the billionaire status until “Forbes” magazine stripped her of the distinction after it was discovered that she allegedly falsified her financials?
















Kylie Jenner

4.    Papa Johns has introduced the Shaq-a-Roni pizza.  It’s a 16-inch pizza covered with 66 pepperoni.  Shaq created it for an event he had last year, and now they’re selling it again and will use sales to raise money for charities.  Shaq played for 6 NBA teams.  Can you name one
of them?
















Orlando, Los Angeles, Boston, Cleveland, Miami and Phoenix

5.    AMC Theatres is delaying its reopening.  As coronavirus cases rise around the country, 450 theaters are now set to reopen on July 30th which is two weeks later than originally planned.  AMC is an acronym for what?

















American Multi Cinema