Trump Toohey: What Was The Name of the Animated Spin-Off of Punky Brewster?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 9/18/2019

September 18, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis will be out the rest of the season with a fracture in his right hand.  Jason Kipnis:  Infield or Outfield? 






2.     HBO will stream ‘The Big Bang Theory’ while Parks and Rec will join The Office in NBC’s new steaming service. Which show came first: The Big Bang Theory or Parks and Rec? 






The Big Bang Theory (2007)
Parks and Rec (2009) 

3.     Game of Thrones has already cleaned up 10 Creative Emmys prior to the Primetime Emmy Awards this Sunday! Which one of these three Game of Thrones actresses is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress and NOT Outstanding Supporting Actress? Lena Headey, Sophie Turner or Emilia Clarke?







Emilia Clarke (Lead), Headey/Turner (Supporting)​

4.     Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy, says that he is going through another round of chemotherapy.  Can you answer this Jeopardy question in the “Toys & Games” category?  Make no apology for this classic board game, the game of “sweet revenge”. 








5.     NBC has announced a new streaming service called Peacock that will be available in April of next year - and it will include reboots of shows that include Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster.  What was the name of the “Punky Brewster” spawned, animated spin-off that ran from 1985- 1986. 






It’s Punky Brewster