Trump Toohey: The Blossom Music Center Pavilion Holds How Many People?

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 5/21/20

May 21, 2020
Trump Toohey

1.      Pringles just launched their newest variety: Sweet corn. These chips reportedly pack the flavors of sweet and salty fresh corn, cooked corn, and creamy butter and are only available at Walgreens.  Name any flavor of Pringle. 








Lots of Options
2.      Minute Maid Pink Lemonade slushees are coming to McDonalds! Minute Maid started out with WHAT concentrated good?









Concentrated orange juice

3.      The 47th annual Daytime Emmy Awards are going virtual. In order to be considered for a Daytime Emmy Award, what time block must that show air between? 5am-5pm, 3am-7pm, 2am-6pm?










4.      Cedar Point is honoring an everyday hero by giving them a lifetime ticket.   You can nominate your hero to win a Ticket of a Lifetime on their website.  Let’s play a round of Remember This Ride?  This former drop tower at Cedar point could accommodate up to 4 people, climbed vertically, slid forward and hung there on the top of the track until it dropped you 60 feet to your demise.  The ride closed after the 2009 season.  Do you Remember This Ride? 









Demon Drop      
5.      Live Nation has cancelled the 2020 Lawn Pass program because of the coronavirus pandemic.  They’ll be giving refunds to all pass holders.  At Blossom Music Center, how many people, roughly, can be seated in the pavilion?  4,000?  5,000? 6,000?