Trump Toohey: Which Came First: Grease The Movie or Grease The Musical?

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 5/18/20

May 18, 2020
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1.     Last week Fox 8 had reported that Dick Goddard was gravely ill and didn’t have much time left, according to his daughter.  There was good news over the weekend.  On Saturday, his daughter said he’s awake and stable and she hopes to take him home this week.  Dick Goddard is a legendary what?  Meteorologist?  Sportscaster?  Car Salesman? 








2.     The 145th Preakness Stakes was supposed to happen this past weekend - but it’s been rescheduled for October 3rd.  In order to win a Triple Crown in horse racing you need to win the Preakness Stakes, and two other races (or legs).  Can you name either of those races? 










Belmont Stakes 
Kentucky Derby 

3.     CBS is airing a sing-along version of Grease on Sunday, June 7th! Which came first? The movie or the musical?










Musical – 1971
Film – 1978

4.     A pair of Michael Jordan’s game worn shoes from 1985 sold at auction for 560,000 dollars. Which one of these is NOT an ‘auction style’? Forward auction, Double auction, Solo Auction?









Solo Auction​

5.     Taylor Swift fans aren’t going to get to see her live this year ABC gave them something to hold them over until next year’s tour.  The “Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert,” featured footage from the singer’s September, 2019 concert at The Olympia Theatre in Paris, and aired last night.  Rank these Taylor Swift albums from earliest release, to most recent.  Red.  Speak Now.  Fearless.










Fearless – 2008
Speak Now – 2010
Red - 2012