Trump Toohey: Where Did The Three Musketeers Hail From?

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 4/29/20

April 29, 2020
Trump Toohey
  1. Big news in Cleveland was announced yesterday as next year’s NFL draft will be held here from April 29-May 1st.  We don’t know exactly where the draft will take place, but the guess is somewhere close to First Energy Stadium along THIS lake which borders the city of Cleveland to the north.  










Lake Erie


2. Governor Dewine told us yesterday that he was fine with in person graduations, as long as the social distancing guidelines were being utilized.  What is the name of song, known as "The Graduation March" and played at virtually all high school graduation ceremonies?  Pomp and Circumstance?  Walk This Way?  Happy?  











Pomp and Circumstance 


3. Governor DeWine has also changed his mind on requiring the use of face masks in public.  At yesterday’s coronavirus briefing, he said the use of masks will be a recommendation and not mandatory.  Jim Carrey starred in a movie in 1994 with the word “Mask” in the title.  What was the name of that movie?  











The Mask


4. Catholic Bishops here in Ohio have suspended all services and liturgies until May 30th. What is the FULL name of the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, first consecrated in 1852 and located close to the Galleria?












Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist


5. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson says we MUST TRIPLE DOWN on our stay at home efforts! Speaking of triple, which country do the Three Musketeers hail from?