Trump Toohey: NFL Player Jay Cutler Played What Position?

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 4/27/2020

April 27, 2020
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  1. Fortnite is having a Champion Series Invitational with a 2 million dollar prize pool.  The competition begins May 9th.  Fort nite is a what?  Video Game?  A Dating App? An app to listen to music?  








Video Game


2. Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavallari are calling it quits.  Kristen made it official via Instagram after nearly ten years together.  Jay Cutler played which position in the NFL?  Quarterback?  Wide Receiver?  Tight End?  











3. Forbes has finally declared Kanye West a billionaire with a net worth of 1.3 billion dollars, although he says it’s closer to 3.3 billion dollars.  A lot of that cash has come from music, tours and this line of Adidas shoes under which is his own personal brand.  












4. 55 Million People tuned in over the three days of the NFL Draft. Within 3 million, how many people watched the 2020 Super Bowl?










99.9 million viewers


5. Millions of stimulus checks are going out in the mail today. List these money songs in order of release. “Money Money Money” by ABBA, “Money” by Pink Floyd and “You Never Give Me Your Money” by the Beatles








You Never Give Me Your Money - The Beatles (1969)

Money - Pink Floyd (1973)

Money Money Money - Abba (1976)​