Trump Toohey: Oldest to Youngest: Will Ferrell, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 4/24/2020

April 24, 2020
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  1. The Cleveland Browns selected offensive lineman, Jedrick Wills, with their first round pick of the NFL draft last night.  In theory, he would replace this long time Cleveland Brown offensive lineman that played for 11 seasons with the Browns until he retired in 2017.  









Joe Thomas


  1. Beyoncé is doing good things.  Her BEYGOOD Foundation has teamed up with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s “Star Small” fund to raise $6 million dollars in help with the CORONAVIRUS crisis.  Beyoncé is married to who?  









Jay Z


  1. Some of your favorite comedians are coming together for two comedy benefits next month.  Will Ferrell will appear in “COVID is No Joke” on May 1st, while Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler will appearance on May 9th on the “Feeding American Comedy Festival”.  Rank them from oldest to youngest.  Will Ferrell.  Eddie Murphy.  Adam Sandler









Eddie Murphy – 59

Adam Sandler - 53

Will Ferrell – 52


  1. Michael Stanley will be performing a show on at 8pm! Michael Stanley references two polar emotions that Cleveland gave him according to the lyrics of “My Town?” What are they?









Lovin’ and Hate


  1. Wendys is giving out free chicken nuggets today just by rolling through the Drive Thru. What was the original name of the Chicken Nugget? Chicken Crispie, Chicken Tot or Chicken Ball? 










Chicken Crispie