Trump Toohey Questions and Answers: Name 3 Pieces of Waffle House's Always Available’ All Star Special

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 3/26/2020

March 26, 2020
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1) Sad baseball news as today would’ve been the Home Opener for your Cleveland Indians if it weren’t for the Coronavirus outbreak.  The Cleveland Indians play at Progressive Field, formerly known as _____ Field.  










2) The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon will now be a virtual race in 2020.  If you choose, you can run your miles at any location before May 17th and receive a shirt and medal.  A full marathon is how many miles?  










3. Waffle House has closed 418 locations. Can you name three items from the ‘Always Available’ All Star Special?  










A waffle, 2 eggs, grits, toast and a choice of meat


4. The Cleveland International Film Festival will showcase selected films on streaming services next month! Before relocating to Tower City Cinemas, what Cleveland theater did the Cleveland International Film Festival originate at? 








Cedar Lee Theater

5. The Masked Singer was last night.  No spoilers here as, especially at this time, it is not funny to spoil a show.  In March of last year, this daytime talk show host revealed that she was originally supposed to be signed as a panelist for the series, but had to decline.  










Sharon Osbourne