Trump Toohey: Can You Name One of the Two Main Categories For Allergies?

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 2/12/20

February 12, 2020
Trump Toohey

1.     We found out about a week ago that The Rolling Stones are coming to Cleveland on June 19th, now we know how much tickets will cost. They start at $49.50 and go all the way up to $450, plus fees.  What is the name of the stadium, where the Cleveland Browns play, that will also be the location where you catch The Stones? 








First Energy Stadium

2.     The Indians announced yesterday that you have a chance to get priority access to the Home Opener on March 26.  Who is the manager of your Cleveland Indians? 









Terry Francona 

3.     Penn Badgley, actor from Netflx’s “You” is expecting a baby with his wife Domino. What’s the name of Penn Badgley’s character on “You”? 










Joe Goldberg

4.     Allergy season is expected to hit the region hard this year. There are two main categories of allergies that are based on time. Can you name one of those main types of allergies?










Seasonal, Perennial ​

5.     Pound Puppies are back.  You can find them at Wal Mart and on Amazon.  The Pound Puppies cartoon ran from 2010-2013.  Can you name any of the Pound Puppies that were on that show?  









Lucky             Cookie                     Niblet
Strudel       Squirt       Rebound       Cupcake