Trump Toohey: Which Matchbox 20 Song Came First: 3am or Bent?

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 1/14/2020

January 14, 2020
Trump Toohey

1.     Chick Fil A is giving away free orders of 8 count chick fil a nuggets when you order through their mobile app.  Which day of the week is Chick Fil A never open?! 






2.     One of the most popular animals at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo will soon have more space roam.  The Rhino Reserve is scheduled to open late spring and will more than double the space for eastern black rhinoceros herd.  Name any animal you would see at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. 








Lots of options

3.     It’s official: former Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski is the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns.  How many games did Freddie Kitchens win this past season?  5?  6?  Or 7? 









4.     Tim McGraw and Matchbox 20 are coming to Blossom! Which Matchbox 20 song came first: 3am or Bent?









3am (1997), Bent (2000)

5.     The Oscar nominations came out yesterday, we got the details at  Which movie won Best Picture last year? It’s a biographical comedy-drama set in 1962 inspired by a true story. 








Green Book